Building Repairs, Remedial Works and Surveys: Maintain Your Property For The Future

PMMS Property Manager

  • When you join us we will assess your property and advise you of any required works
  • Manage for you Building Repairs or Remedial Works and liaise with insurance providers
  • Work with independent Chartered Building Surveyor to draw up a Schedule of Works

All buildings periodically need repairs or remedial works to be carried-out.

When taking on a new client, PMMS will conduct a site assessment of your property and advise the client on any work that might need to be done now or in the future.

This work can be included in the Planned Maintenance Programme for the coming 5 to 10 years, and budgeted for in the Annual Service Charges.  In this way money can be set aside each year for the work mitigating the need for large one-off payments.

Your Property Manager oversees Building Repairs or Remedial Works as needed.

If the work is covered by the block’s building insurance we will liaise on your behalf with the Insurance Provider.

We also work closely with independent Chartered Surveyors to carry-out surveys and draw up Schedules of Work.

To deliver peace of mind for our clients!

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